Know about Generic Medicines and Medicine Substitutes

What do you do if the medicine prescribed by your doctor is not available in the market or it is too expensive? Consult your doctor and as per his advice opt for medicine substitutes. Our pharmacist also offers help in this regard who will look at the chemical composition of the drug and suggest alternative medicines.

Get reliable info on medicines and their substitutes.

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Generic medicines are equally effective and affordable. Sastasundar facilitates the search for substitute drug along with other related facts.

Users can also compare prices of various medicine brands with generic drugs. It has simplified information for ease to understand by the commoner. Enter medicine name and get branded equivalents with prices. Know about medicine substitute, how to use, precautions, side effects, interactions and more provided by our experts.

What are Generic Medicines?

Generic medicines are those that has same composition in the same quantity as the branded medicine. As far as curing the medical condition is concerned, generic drugs have same effect as the brand-name medicines. However, these medicines are sold using by a different name with a different look and might have certain inactive ingredients in their composition which do not affect the body as compared to the branded ones. Generic medicament cannot be sold at a higher price than branded medicine and therefore makes it highly economical.

You need to be careful about two things while using Generic Medicines:
  • Consult a doctor before making the switch to an equivalent medication. In certain medical conditions Doctors do instruct that substitutes should not be used and the pharmacist must not suggest a replacement.
  • Never consume a generic drug with the branded one as that will be an overdose. Remember one is a substitute of another.