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Deodorants and antiperspirants are used to minimise body odour and sweating . Buy from a wide range of body spray both for men and women and smell good throughout the day. People normally confuse between a deodorant and an antiperspirant deodorants. A deodorant can mask unpleasant body odour to some extent and the latter can reduce sweating thereby lessening body odour too. Colognes, perfumes, roll-ons are also available.
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Talcum powder has been in the Indian market since very long. Sastasundar offers several branded talcum powders that helps you to stay dry in summers with an enduring fragrance. Applying talc post a shower helps to keep you dry in warm months when perspiration is at its peak.

Face is one of the most delicate body parts and therefore needs extra care always.

Face wipes keeps your face fresh and are disposable too. Buy moisturizing, hand and face cleansing & sunscreen wipes online from Sastasundar. Cleansing wipes are perfect to get rid of sunscreen residue after a day in the sun or to even cool down. If your face is greasy and sweaty after a long tiring day or a workout, swipe a wipe. When you are in a hurry or traveling, face tissues are a must have. They are gentle on the skin and a one-time use product.