Toileteries & Cleaning

Everyone likes their home to be clean and tidy place. For a hygienic living, surroundings should be kept clean always. Enable yourself with a range of cleaning accessories available at Sastasundar. Home cleaning products keeps infections at bay as well as maintain the sheen of all home entities.

At our web portal you will find extensive range of home cleaning products that includes toilet, floor, all purpose, glass and bathroom cleaners, toilet seat sanitizer, Wipers, brooms, tiles and floor scrubber, floor mops, toilet cleaning brush, dust pan and brush. These products bring in together the combination of neatness and comfort. There are various brands that offers these products like Harpic, Lizol, Amway, Gala, Vitro, Colin, Brite, Gala and more. Be it for dirt stains or fragile glass items, we have in stock all cleaning products. All you need to do is to flip through our cleaning products online and have them delivered at your doorstep.